Mirtels ВСС М103 Ceramic Printer  is a brand new model of this photoceramic equipment series manufactured by our company. Mirtels ВСС М103 is yet another step forward in implementing advantages inherent in our machinery and tools, which puts this model among the undisputed leaders among all ceramic printer manufacturers. It features higher ceramic and enamel portrait print resolution and even better speed (13 x 18 cm, photo mode 37 seconds). 


Moreover, the new Mirtels ВСС М103 have more flexible options for work with photoceramic blanc pieces out of the standard size range. Unlike earlier models, the automatic memorial ovals and plates positioning system has not only standard settings (ovals - 13х18cm, 9х12cm, 18х24cm, rectangular plates 13х18cm, 15х20cm, 17х23cm, 18х24cm, 20х30cm), but also can be further configured for any size of the blanc piece required by the user.

Another formidable advantage among other benefits of this model is that enamel and ceramic image production costs for pictures made using Mirtels М103 is absolutely lowest not only as compared to those for equipment of our company, but also to those for similar printers by other manufacturers.


Process for Making Photoceramics using Ink Jet Ceramic Printer Mirtels М103

The photoceramics making process using Ink Jet Ceramic Printer Mirtels М103 includes the following steps:

  1. Fixation of the blank piece in the printer using automatic positioning system.
  2. Full-color image  separation into 4 CMYK color components using the Adobe Photoshop software.
  3. Successive printing of each layer starting with black on the ceramics. Ink jet ceramic printer applies to required areas a bonding layer of adhesive ink invisible to the eye. In order to make this fragments black-colored the piece is then powdered with black toner, and the excessive toner swept away using a brush. If black-and-white ceramics is the purpose, the piece then can be baked. And whenever one may need to have full-color image in the end, it will take another three runs of these operations - printing of a new  bonding layer and applying powder of the relevant color.
  4. After full-color image is applied to the ceramic piece it is then placed into the muffle furnace at 800°С for 2-3 minutes. When subjected to high temperature coloring pigment penetrates deeply into the surface of the glazing, forming a durable image able to retain its original brightness and sharpness for 3 to 5 decades.

The video below will give you a good understanding the photoceramics manufacturing process using Mirtels M103 ink jet ceramic printer  for everyone willing to endeavor in this line of business.