Mirtels Т5060 is in demand due to its working area size (50×60 cm). It is a model of animpact-engraving machine for making high-resolution portraits and other images on the surface of a wide variety of materials. Mirtels T5060 has an automated system for controlling the operation of the impact head with an engraving needle to make specified images with all halftones on the surfaces of a variety of natural and artificial stone slabs (granite, granite-polymer, gabbro, diabase, basalt and others), as well as on metal and glass surfaces.


Mirtels Т5060: precise control and intellectual automatics

The superior quality of images this engraving machine model makes is due to the combination of two factors – sophisticatedequipment design and advanced software.

The latter is completely compatible with the Windows OS. This makes it possible to prepare source images (in particular, retouching portraits) using a variety of popular graphic editors.

Minimal human intervention in printing control is ensured by the following Mirtels Т5060 systems:

  • Raw slab position automatic tracking system. It allows the machine to automatically engrave an image even when the machine plane and the slab surface plane depart from parallelism.
  • Automatic engraving mode selection system (point, amplitude, mixed) and repeated passes.
  • System for automatic operation renewal from the interrupted point in case of machine de-energising.

Mirtels Т5060: reliability and ease of operation

Impact-engraving machine Mirtels Т5060, as all the other equipment our Company manufactures, is distinguished by its exceptional reliability. The machine is assembled of easy-to-replace durable units that can withstand even the vibrational character of engraving machine operation. The sole part requiring regular replacement is the expendable one – the engraving needle.


In spite of the big engraving working area, the dimensions and weight of the Mirtels Т5060 machine are such that one person can carry the machine. Yet another advantage of the machine is no need to secure it to the raw slab. It can be installed on top of or inclined on the stonein case of big slab size. During engraving, slab displacement from its initial position due to machine operation is excluded.

The machine can be operated immediately following its buying andtraining of the personnel. Our specialists offer such training both personally and on-lineafter the customer has been familiarized with the materials on the training DVD included in the Mirtels delivery set.

Price of Mirtels Т5060 impact-engraving machine

Do not hesitate to contact us in any convenient way to ask our managers about the current price of the Mirtels Т5060 impact-engraving machine.

If you are buying the machine on-line, we recommend the option of purchasing the following spare parts and consumables:

  • Engraving needle;
  • Double-conversion voltage stabiliser;
  • Tooth belt;
  • Ring tooth belt.

Technical characteristics of Mirtels Т5060 impact-engraving machine

Engraving area, mm
Way of engraving
Engraving methods
Depth of engraving, mm
Supply voltage, V
Mirtels Т5060
Dot, amplitude, combined
Win7, Win8
1 year