Mirtels LT90170 is a laser-impact engraving machine embracing all advanced technologies for making funeral products. If you need a stone engraving machine to meet all your production challenges, Mirtels LT90170 is the machine of choice.


LT90170: considerations to account for when choosing an engraving machine

The working area dimensions (90×170 cm) of this engraving machine model allow engraving even full-length monuments without moving the equipment relative to the slab or involving other personnel actions. The presence of two engraving heads optimizes the process of engraving high-resolution images. This is possible for both different stone varieties and a relatively wide range of other materials used in funeral services, viz. glass, acrylic plastic, metal, wood, etc., with each material requiring its special kind of working.

Thus, stone is practical for making portraits, which should meet special durability requirements (in practice, the engraving depth). In this case, the impact engraving technology is used. Ornamental patterns, inscriptions and other images are worth being made with a laser head. This will cut order lead-time as a whole and prolong the life of the impact part of the machine by saving on consumables.

The extended service life of all German-made completing articles, thorough checking of each manufactured machine, and ease of operation and maintenance – all this is inherent to the flagship of the line of laser-impact engraving machines no less than for other Mirtels models. A training guide or instruction by our specialists and basic skills in working with graphic editors will let you in no time to make artistic images on stone surfaces with the Mirtels LT90170 machine. This will make your business a success.


Price of the Mirtels LT90170 machine

Certainly, with all its advantages, the Mirtels LT90170 laser stone engraving machine is the most costly model of the Company's entire line of equipment. If you want to know the Mirtels LT90170 price or have other questions, the answers to which are non-standard and are not presented in the respective sections of our web site, do not hesitate to contact our managers.

Technical characteristics of Mirtels LT90170 laser-impact engraving machine

Engraving area, mm
Maximum speed of engraving, mm/sec
Reading the picture from USB-Flash memory
Possibility of reading the image from PC
Possibility of an autonomous engraving without computer
Average time of an engraving of the image 30х40 cm
Supply voltage, V
Mirtels Combi LT90170
USB cable
+, Reading the picture from USB-Flash memory
25 minutes
Win7, Win8
1 year