The Mirtels  ВСС М102 Ceramic Printer offered by us is an exclusive model in our line of printers for making photos on enamel and ceramics with an optimum printer price/product quality ratio.  Photoceramic memorial and headstone portraits made using Mirtels ВСС М102 feature high production rate combined with splendid image quality and long service life (25-50 years) even in most challenging weather conditions without any loss of initial brightness and sharpness of the picture.

These durability and quality characteristics of memorial products manufactured using the Mirtels ВСС М102 printer come as a result of ink-jet technology  and a number of engineering solutions (in particular, the high-precision layer alignment system, the automatic system for placing and positioning of oval and rectangular headstone pieces) implemented in this model. 

The Mirtels ВСС М102 ceramic printer has a printed area of 20x30cm, which allows printing photoceramics, rectangular or oval shape portraits, in most of popular sizes. It takes only 48 seconds for this model to make one photo image, which, even considering all print preparation operations and several procedure sequence iterations allows to ensure high production rate per a working shift.


Apart from buying the Mirtels printer itself, you will also need a muffle furnace to bake the piece with toners applied to it. In addition, you will also need to buy consumable materials to operate the printer - a standard ceramic printer cartridge head, CMYK ceramic paint (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) and adhesive ink.


Making Photoceramics Using  the Mirtels М102 Printer

The photoceramics making process using the Mirtels М102 printer involves the following stages:

  1. Placing an oval or rectangular plate in the printer. The automatic positioning system will ensure secure holding and prevent shifting of the piece during printing.
  2. Opening the photo in the Photoshop program and its automatic processing, with its color scheme conversed into 4 color components (CIAN, MAGENTA , YELLOW, BLACK) and layers decomposed for printing.
  3. Successive printing of each layer with adhesive (bonding) clear ink in the  ВСС М102 printer, powdering the piece with the relevant color toner and brushing off excessive powder.
  4. Placing the piece prepared for baking in the muffle furnace at the working temperature of 800°С for 2-3 minutes. During baking the ceramic pigment powder deeply penetrates into the glazing, forming an incredible sharp highly resistant to moisture and corrosive environments.


Please see the video clip below to learn more about the process of photoceramics production using our equipment.