Mirtels LT60120 is a laser-impact engraving machine capable of effectively solving a wide range of tasks in engraving high-resolution images on the surfaces of tombstones and monuments.If your business is focused to customers with an average and a marginally above-average income, it will be Mirtels LT60120 with a priceand quality making an exclusive balance that will rightly claim a place in the engraving shop of your enterprise.


Mirtels LT60120: advantages and drawbacks

As distinct from the smaller model LT5060, due to its working area dimensions of 60×120 cm,Mirtels LT60120 can make portrait and other high-resolution images of a significantly bigger size. This determines its use for engraving slabs with most popular dimensions without extra rearranging and bodily motions. Hence, if you are buying equipment for a granite working shop, which would give you the best bang for your buck, choosing Mirtels LT60120 among the line of laser-impactengraving machines will be the most practical solution from the financial viewpoint.

Two engraving heads – an impact and a laser one – in one machine have a dramatic impact on its reliability, extend the range of worked materials, and manage work time more effectively (the laser stone working technology requires less time than the impact stone engraving one does). Combining the advantages of both technologies yields optimal variants of executing orders for engraving stone of different varieties with a demonstration of invariably high quality and the offering of best price options for prospective customers.

Yet another feature is the option of repeated passage of the working head in the Mirtels LT60120 engraving machine. It ensures a durable, more vibrant, and better-quality image even if the raw monument slab has significant defects (irregular colоring, foreign inclusions, etc.).

The exclusive reliability, high maintainability and straightforward control, which are the hallmarks of all Mirtels equipment, are implemented in LT60120. Machine control can be mastered both under direct guidance of the manager of our company if the machine is purchased in a regional Mirtels branch and independently by familiarising oneself with appended guidance materials if the machine is purchased with delivery to another city.


Price of Mirtels LT60120 machine

We are willing to respond to any of your enquiries on the price of the Mirtels LT60120 machine, the conditions of buying it in your region, and on the specifications and performance capabilities of this and other engraving equipment. To place an order for buying Mirtels LT60120 or to receive qualified answers to your questions, do not hesitate to contact representatives of our Company as indicated in the Contacts section.

Technical characteristics of Mirtels LT60120 laser-impact engraving machine

Engraving area, mm
Maximum speed of engraving, mm/sec
Reading the picture from USB-Flash memory
Possibility of reading the image from PC
Possibility of an autonomous engraving without computer
Average time of an engraving of the image 30х40 cm
Supply voltage, V
Mirtels Combi LT60120
+, Reading the picture from USB-Flash memory
25 minutes
Win7, Win8
1 year