Mirtels Т60120 – a bestseller in the market of special engraving equipment manufactured under our brand. Due to its exclusive specifications and operational qualities, Mirtels Т60120 has been rated highlyand has won the respect of both Russian buyers and those in other countries with Mirtels Company representative offices.

Let us focus on the advantages of this machine modelfor engraving portraits and other images on the surfaces of monuments and tombstonesmade of a variety of stones, and on glass and metal surfaces.


Mirtels Т60120: reliability and ease of automated control

The big demand in the Mirtels Т60120 engraving machine as compared to the two junior models of this lineis attributed to the engraving areaof 60×120 cm, making it possible to use the machine with the most common raw slab sizes. The spring-suspended impact head, jointly with intellectual automatics and a slab positioning and engraving control system, ensure photo similarity of the source image with the final result of machine operation even after several years of intensive equipment operation.It is worth mentioning that irregularities and other slab surface defects are no obstacle to quality engraving because the automatics and control systems will account for this.

The reliability of the Mirtels Т60120 stone impact-engraving machine is not in the least due to its sophisticated design based on German-made completing articles. Renowned German quality and the reasonable arrangement of assemblies that can be replaced readily in case of problems without engaging qualified specialists ensure superior Mirtels Т60120 service life in spite of the vibrational principle of its operation.

The sole expendable part needing regular replacement is the diamond-engraving needle. It has to be replaced with account of working part wear. This is required after making ten-fifteenengraved images depending on their resolution, surface area and slab stone hardness.


Ease of servicing the Mirtels Т60120 machine

A noteworthy point is the ease of servicing this model of the impact-engraving machine (as both the entire line of equipment our Company manufactures).

First, it is worth mentioning our company development, viz. the software delivered with each machine model. It ensures automatic engraving of portraits and other images on stone, metal and glass, and demands but minimal intervention of the machine operator. The software compatible with the Windows OS independently forms the execution program after having analyzed the loaded retouched image to be reproduced on the slab surface. Even in the event of abnormal interruption (for instance, sudden machine de-energising), the working head with the engraving tipwill independently return to the last processed point after the problem has been eliminated and will continue executing the task.



After short training, the operator will be able to control the machine and prepare images for transfer to the slab surfaceby using a variety of graphic editors. Such skills can be mastered both during consultations with our specialists and using the on-line option after having been familiarized with the information on the DVD disk delivered with the machine.


Price of Mirtels Т60120 impact-engraving machine

If you are interested in buying the Mirtels Т60120 impact-engraving machine and want to know its price, do not hesitate to contact the representative office of our Company closest to you.

Besides buying the machine itself, we recommend buying consumables and spare parts for the future so that you will not need to buy them and pay for delivery.

Technical characteristics of Mirtels Т60120 impact-engraving machine

Engraving area, mm
Way of engraving
Engraving methods
Depth of engraving, mm
Supply voltage, V
Mirtels Т60120
Dot, amplitude, combined
Win7, Win8
1 year