Mirtels T3040 is the machine with the smallest working area (30×40 cm)and it is the model of animpact-engraving machine with the smallest overall dimensions in this line of equipment that our Company manufactures. Mirtels T3040 embraces the impact stone working technology. It will astonish you and the funeral products customer with the superb quality of engraving images on the surfaces of a wide variety of natural or artificial stones, glass and metal.

Apart from the high resolution of the image made on the stone surface (portrait, pattern or any other engravings) with visualisation of halftones and smallest details, the Mirtels T3040 model stands out by its small size and control flexibility. With a flash card, you can transfer the image to the machine. Hence, there is no need to link a computer to the machine because it can operate in the stand-alone mode.


Mirtels T3040: ease of servicing and operating

Apart from other advantages, the Mirtels T3040 impact-engraving machine is undemanding as to preparing the workplace and quality of the surface to be worked.

A slab uneven surface and its structural defects or placement errors (inclination or no parallelism with machine working plane)are compensated for by the engraving machine mechanical stabilisation system. Besides, the machine is distinguished by flexible settings with respect to the machined surface and needs no fastening to the blank with clamps, holders and other similar fixtures. The working head fitted with electronic sensors exerts no sensible pressure on the raw slab that would be capable of displacing it during the engraving process.


Due to this, engraving jobs with Mirtels T3040 can be set up not only in a shop but at home as well. Special conditions or big production areas are not needed. Even in the event of power fluctuations during machine operation, it will automatically resume its operation from the point when it was interrupted.

Primary training in machine control provided by our qualified staff individually or on-line using our training disk, plus basic skills in retouchingwithgraph editing software (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo Paint,and others) will help you start engraving with the Mirtels T3040 machine in no time.


Price of Mirtels T3040 impact-engraving machine

Do not hesitate to contact our managers if you are interested in the price of the Mirtels T3040 impact-engraving machine in its standard configuration.

Besides, you can buy the following optional accessories for this model:

  • Double-conversion voltage stabiliser
  • Ring tooth belt;
  • Tooth belt;
  • Engraving needle.