Mirtels L60120 is a laser stone engraving machine whose output is obtaining different incredibly realistic images (frames, patterns, portrait photos, etc.) on the slab being worked. If you know how to spend your money, the Mirtels L60120 machine will offer you a perfectly balanced price and quality to draw your attention to this machine as a promising purchase option.


Mirtels L60120 machine– an embodiment of simplicity and reliability

The L60120 model offers its buyer, who does not intend to buy engraving equipment to make life-size images, an optimal working area size of 60×120 cm. When equipping their engraving shops, many owners, apart from taking into account the engraving area size, pay attention to the engraving speed because it has a big impact on the shop's workload and the estimate of the required number of work shifts. In this sense, Mirtels L60120, as all the equipment our Company offers, can be a welcome surprise for the buyer. The linear speed of making an image for this model is 300 mm/secat an action depth of 0.2-0.4 mm. This significantly exceeds the same indicator for a range of competing laser machine from other manufacturers. For your convenient assessment of this indicator, note that a 1,200 sq. cm portrait (30×40 cm) with a 300 dpi resolution can be engraved with this equipment in 25 minutes.

The Mirtels L60120 engraving machine can engrave not only the surface of a wide variety of stones, which have become widespread in the funeral business (Gabro, Basalt, Karelia Gabro, Shanxi Black, and many other varieties), but also engrave on glass, plastic and even wooden surfaces. The appropriate setups in the machine softwarehelp solve these tasks without any complications.

Then again, the entire control of the Mirtels L60120 laser-engraving machine is straightforward and needs no high qualification or special technical skills of the operator. To prepare images for engraving on the machine, one needs basic skills in graphic editors (e.g., Adobe Photoshop). Machine control can be learned by training offered by our personnel during equipment sale or independently by being familiarised with the Mirtels L60120 operating documentation and video training lessons on disks.


Mirtels L60120: purchase price

You can enquire about the MirtelsL60120 price from the official manufacturer of this equipment by contacting the closest representative office of our Company. Though our products are distinguished by their superior reliability and extended service life, they also need maintenance, which the machine user can easily do on his own. This is why when you buy the Mirtels L60120 machine we recommend buying all required optional accessories and spare parts to ensure its uninterrupted operation:

  • Laser tube 40 W;
  • Power supply unit for 40 W laser;
  • Lens for laser machines;
  • Ring tooth belt;
  • Tooth belt;
  • Mirror for the laser machine;
  • Laser controller;
  • Chillers of a variety of models (customer's choice).

Technical characteristics of Mirtels L60120 laser engraving machine

Engraving area, mm
Maximum speed of engraving, mm/sec
Reading the picture from USB-Flash memory
Possibility of reading the image from PC
Possibility of an autonomous engraving without computer
Average time of an engraving of the image 30х40 сm
Supply voltage, V
Mirtels L60120
USB cable
+, Reading the picture from USB-Flash memory
25 minutes
Win7, Win8
1 year