Mirtels L5060 is a laser-engraving machine with the smallest engraving field dimensions among all models of identical equipment manufactured by the Mirtels Company. The exclusive photo-realistic quality of the engraved image, the engraving speed, the possibility of working with a wide range of materials, and the small overall dimensions and a reasonable price of Mirtels L5060 are all factors that draw the attention of many prospective buyers of equipment for making monuments.


The Mirtels L5060 machine in figures and facts

In speaking about the Mirtels L5060 model, one cannot but rely on figures characterising its performance characteristics. Apart from the working area size (50×60 cm), demonstrating to the buyer that this laser engraving machine can be used for making small and medium-size portrait images and patterns, an important factor when  choosing equipment is the engraving speed. With a pre-set engraving resolution of 300 dpi, making a 30×40 cm portrait image with Mirtels L5060 takes less than a half hour. With increasing resolution of the final image, the engraving time will increase as well. However, this is not an obstacle to executing a big number of orders during a work shift even with account of the need to cool the equipment (the need in which is determined by the chosen chiller).


By using the Mirtels L5060 laser-engraving machine, which is often operated as a laser engraving table-top machine, one can make images on a preliminarily prepared surface of the following materials:

  • Slabs and inserts made of granite of different varieties;
  • Ceramic granite;
  • Gabbro;
  • Basalt;
  • Glass and acrylic glass;
  • Wood;
  • All kinds of plastic; and
  • Other materials used not only in the funeral business, but also in other areas of life.

The instructions for making images and the specific features of working different materials are described in the training materials on the DVD, delivered with the machine. Hence, the operators need not meet certain stringent requirements to their special education or availability of complex technical skills. Machine operation consists in preliminary image preparation requiring basic knowledge of graphic editor software, transferring the image to the machine with a flash card, starting the engraving process, and regular and simple machine maintenance. Hence, Mirtels L5060 laser engraving machine provides you with your required result with saving on its purchase and without placing demands on workforce qualification.

Price of Mirtels L5060 laser table-top engraving machine

Should you want to buy the L5060 model of the laser stone engraving machine do not hesitate to contact your closest Mirtels representative office where you will get exhaustive answers to all your enquiries about equipment price and delivery terms. For convenient operation of the machine, apart from buying the machine itself we recommend purchasing optional accessories and spare parts including:

  • Laser tube 40 W;
  • Double-conversion voltage stabiliser;
  • Laser controller;
  • Power supply unit for the 40 W laser;
  • Lens for laser machines;
  • Mirror for laser machines;
  • Ring tooth belt;
  • Tooth belt 1 m;
  • Different models of chillers for cooling the working part of the equipment.

Technical characteristics of Mirtels L5060 laser engraving machine

Engraving area, mm
Maximum speed of engraving, mm/sec
Reading the picture from USB-Flash memory
Possibility of reading the image from PC
Possibility of an autonomous engraving without computer
Average time of an engraving of the image 30х40 сm
Supply voltage, V
Mirtels L5060
USB cable
+, Reading the picture from USB-Flash memory
25 minutes
Win7, Win8
1 year