Manufacturing stone engraving machines and modern equipment for photo ceramics is the key business of our company. Mirtels stone engraving machines, which we have been manufacturing for as long as 12 years, are sold in specialist markets in many countries. In so doing, the geography and the sale volumes of stone engraving machines is expanding annually. This is indicative of the superior quality of the equipment we offer.

Presently, the company has a wide network of service centres in different countries and cities. A stone engraving machine can be purchased in any of our representative offices. Our company is continually expanding its dealership network in different countries across the globe. Presently, MIRTELS representative offices are located in different countries of Europe (Germany, Portugal, Slovakia, etc.), and South America (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, etc.).


Mirtels stone engraving machines: outstanding features

The Mirtels engraving machine is a special-purpose product with exclusive price and performance characteristics. It is used for making inscriptions, portraits, and pictures, and for other kinds of engraving operations on monuments.

Any Mirtels stone engraving machine can make high-quality clear images in minimal time. Besides this, due to long-time service of the guides, a vibration-resistant design and robust hardware, our machines boast a prolonged service life and outstanding reliability.

Yet another valid argument in favour of buying an engraving machine from us is the price of our equipment. As manufacturers, we can offer any engraving machine at an optimal price.


Mirtels stone engraving machines: product line

For those who want to buy engraving machines, we offer a wide range of equipment, among which you can chose an optimal model on the spot for purchasing based on your needs as a customer and on the performance characteristics of the machines.

The Mirtels Company product line comprises the following products:

  • A shock stone engraving machine;
  • A laser stone engraving machine;
  • A combination stone engraving machine.

If you want to get a bargain by buying a stone engraving machine, MIRTELS will be happy to offer you a delivery service.

The line of our products also includes Mirtels ceramic printers to make lasting photoceramics on monuments. These ceramic printers have been manufactured for many years, and over this time, they have been included in encyclopedias as classical photoceramics printers.