Mirtels LT5060 is the smallest engraving machine among the entire line of Mirtels laser-impact engraving machines. This engraving machine is an effective embodiment of the advantages of both stone working technologies to dramatically expand the production potential of the enterprise for its owner.


Mirtels LT5060 advantages

The simultaneous fitting of Mirtels LT5060 with two working heads – an impact and laser one – defines the advantages of this equipment as compared to models of another class the Company manufactures.

First, the Mirtels LT5060 laser-impact stone engraving machine is capable of working with a greater variety of materials – stone, glass, and wood. By adjusting the application of engraving heads, one can choose optimal image making modes with account of the density of the worked surface material, its strength and other physical properties.

Second, even with such a working area size (50×60 cm), the speed of making an image is critical for the production process with high equipment workload. By making deeper portrait images on the stone surface using the machine's engraving head and patterns with the laser head, you can cut the time and cost of making the entire monument. If required to work the stone to engrave a deeper image, which is good for extending the time of maintaining initial image clarity, the LT5060 laser-impact engraving machine has a function of a repeated pass.


Third, two independent engraving heads automatically imply better equipment reliability. In case of equipment failure or waiting for spares to repair one of the heads, the monument engraving orders can be fulfilled using the second head. However, note that the probability of such an event is extremely low due to the exceptional reliability of all assemblies and systems incorporated into Mirtels equipment, and that each machine undergoes a presales check.

In spite of the two heads, controlling the Mirtels LT5060 laser-impact stone engraving machine is no more involved than that of our other equipment. The machine operator can master machine control skills both under the direct guidance of our employees or by familiarizing oneself with the training materials on a DVD delivered with all our equipment.


Price of the Mirtels LT5060 machine

If you are interested in the Mirtels LT5060 price and in buying the machine or if you have other questions, our managers will consult you exhaustively on any issues. By buying spare parts and optional accessories with the machine, you will reduce the likelihood of equipment downtime and loss of orders.

Technical characteristics of Mirtels LT5060 laser-impact engraving machine

Engraving area, mm
Maximum speed of engraving, mm/sec
Reading the picture from USB-Flash memory
Possibility of reading the image from PC
Possibility of an autonomous engraving without computer
Average time of an engraving of the image 30х40 cm
Supply voltage, V
Mirtels Combi LT5060
USB cable
+, Reading the picture from USB-Flash memory
25 minutes
Win7, Win8
1 year