Mirtels T90170 is the flagship of the entire line of impact-engraving equipment our company manufactures. The engraving area of 90×170cm lets the Mirtels T90170 machine engrave the surfaces of big steles and monuments (e.g., common among customers’ orders for portrait and full-figure images). In this case, notwithstanding the big engraving area, the images stand out for their high resolution and long term of preserving their initial clarity in spite of unfavorable environmental conditions.


Mirtels T90170: ease of operation and reliability

However, the record-setting engraving area size is not the sole advantage of this model for engraving different stone varieties widespread in the funeral business.

In spite of the vibrational character of machine operation, this has no effect on image quality and machine service life. Mirtels T90170 stands out for its superior vibration resistance and durability ensured by linear guides made of high-strength alloys and for the automated systems for controlling the position of the slab and the engraving needle. Even in case of stone surface defects, non-optimal placement of the raw slab with respect to the machine installation plane and other equipment installation errors, the system will automatically compensate for them by real-time adjustment of the engraving needle height and its action force.In fact, the needle is the sole element of the Mirtels T90170 design that needs regular replacement after making images on 10-15 monuments depending on the worked surface and stone hardness.


As with all our equipment, the Mirtels T90170 engraving machine is easy to operateand needs no highly qualified personnel for servicing. Personnel can be trained in controlling the machine by familiarizing themselves with video and other materials on the delivered DVD disk or by attending training sessions held by our Company engineers. Besides, the machine operator will have to master basic skills in image processing with graphic editors. Having loaded the preliminarily processed image to a flash card, the machine operator will be required to do a minimum of actions in setting up the engraving mode, with all remaining control functions being performed by the machine's intellectual automatic control units.


Price of Mirtels Т90170 impact-engraving machine

If you are interested in buying the Mirtels T90170 stone impact-engraving machine, do not hesitate to ask for the price at our regional offices.


Prudent buyers of our productsalso purchase consumables and spare parts for our machines to ensure their reliable and faultless operation.By doing this, they will be able to meet their future demand in delivery of completing parts.


Technical characteristics of Mirtels Т5060 impact-engraving machine

Engraving area, mm
Way of engraving
Engraving methods
Depth of engraving, mm
Supply voltage, V
Mirtels Т90170
Dot, amplitude, combined
Win7, Win8
1 year