The Mirtels company was founded in 2003 by Mustafin Kostiantyn.

Engraving machinery by Mirtels, which have been manufactured by us since 2003, has gained a name among photoceramics and  memorial portraits manufacturers. Thanks to their exceptional performance characteristics and reasonable pricing, Ceramic printers and stone engraving machines by Mirtetls produced by our company have made a name for our company, establishing its name as a brand in this highly specialized market.


Mirtels Products

The range of products offered by us includes Mirtels ceramic printers, Mirtels impact and laser engraving machines. Our model line features last generation equipment capable of producing high quality engraving on most widely used types of stone such as gabbro, granite, polymer granite.

Being advantageously priced as compared to engraving equipment alternatives offered by our competitors,  the Mirtels stone laser engraving machines can definitely be of interest to a wide range of customers dealing in production of headstones and other memorial products. And the reason for this is not just the equipment costs. Mirtels laser engraving machines are distinguished by their high performance (over 500 mm/s) and the highest quality of the produced image (over 300 dpi).

Impact engraving machines manufactured by our company can be considered classic among similar equipment. Their advantages include ergonomic design, ease of operation and service, as well as exceptional operational life and reliability. Our engraving machinery can produce any artwork and lettering on the surface of the above types of stone. All you have to do is just to select a photo or another picture and send it for printing as you do using a conventional printer.

We also offer several models of ceramic printers for our customers, which allow making memorial photos on enamel, ceramic and porcelain blank pieces (photo ovals and plates).

All Mirtels equipment is subject to premarket testing. Mirtels ceramic printers and stone engraving machines are covered by a long-term warranty and maintenance service irrespective of the distance.


Aftersale Contacts with Mirtels Machine Buyers

If you up to buy a piece of Mirtels engraving machinery, you can easily do so by contacting our representative offices in the relevant section of our site.

Starting operation of our equipment is quite easy, all models come with an instructional disk containing machinery operation and maintenance guides. In addition, our experts offer necessary advice for our customers via both classic - phone, e-mail, and modern communication channels - voice and video communication using Skype, Facetime.

Should you have any problems you cannot handle on your own, please feel free to use the services of our network of service centers for warranty and post-warranty machinery service.