When choosing an engraving machine among those offered by engraver machinery manufacturers one should  not only check out its price and technical specifications, but also bear in mind maintenance service and repair (including grantee repair) options. Otherwise, after a short period of engraving machine operation you may run the risk of facing the need of thinking about buying a new one. From this perspective, due to a number of objective reasons buying MIRTELS products looks as one of the best choices a customer can make.


Engraving Machine Maintenance Service


Maintenance service of any engraving machine models and other equipment manufactured by MIRTELS also belongs to our business priorities.

Though our engraving machines are not custom-made and are manufactured on a commercial scale, each unit undergoes premarket testing and adjustment so that our customer could enjoy a quality and service-tested product. It is only after having tested our machines for compliance with standards and rules applicable for this type of machinery that we issue a warranty for a machine bought from us.

All models of engraving machines setting and assembly is made by our authorized well-qualified personnel, which guarantees for our customers the perfect operational quality of the equipment bought  in any price category.


Technical Customer Support


Upon purchase, our specialists offer training to our customers on how to operate Mirtels machines. When our products are bought remotely, machine operator training is provided via a DVD containing operation guidelines and video materials.

As a part of our customers technical support our staff offer their immediate advice and expert troubleshooting and problem solving with regard to our products. Our experts will provide technical support and advice on-line by phone, Skype or by e-mail. Also worth our special mention is another benefit of our information support - a personalized approach to each customer.


Engraving Machines Repair


There are two options for repair of Mirtels engraving machinery (which does happen occasionally): the repair can be handled either by our specialists if the machine is delivered to our company service center or by the customer on their own.

All equipment is made using modular design, therefore it can easily be repaired remotely, having received the necessary module. These operations do not require any special knowledge and skills.

The list of service centers is below: