Production of photos for headstones (memorial photoceramics) requires the use of such tools, toners and equipment, that would ensure not only the brightness and high quality of the image, but also its utmost durability and resistance to the negative effects of the environment, while offering as lower costs and labor input as possible to make such products. Buying a MIRTELSceramic printer would be the best solution to this problem for those, whose business involves commercial production of photoceramics and other memorial products.

Production of ceramic photos (photoceramics) and successful development of your business will greatly depend on your choice of the specific printer model. Therefore, we strongly recommend that  you consider buying ink jet ceramic printer represented in our model range of products of that type in the first place.


Ink Jet Ceramic Printer: Benefits

Ink jet photoceramic printer we offer to buy prints color image directly on the portrait plate or oval. After firing in a muffle furnace at a high temperature, special CMYK color ink applied in four layers during image formation on the plate, form a durable monolithic layer. This layer ensures a unique combination of performance characteristics of the portrait plate so valued in photoceramics by the buyers.

In this way, the photoceramic equipment offered by us boasts a number of advantages as follows:

  • ease of operation;
  • safety of the production process;
  • pictures can be printed on a wide range of materials and in a variety of sizes:
  • high image quality and excellent durability (at least 30 years without loss of the initial image sharpness) regardless of the specific weather conditions in the memorial area;
  • low photoceramics production costs (20-50 rubles depending on the plate size) about on the level of the cost of the blank plate.


Photoceramic Equipment


If you are interested to buy a ceramic printer, the MIRTELS company would be pleased to offer you to choose one out of the models below.

Mirtels ВСС М103 Ceramic Printer  is a brand new model of this photoceramic equipment series manufactured by our company. Mirtels ВСС М103 is yet another step forward in implementing advantages inherent in our machinery and tools, which puts this model among the undisputed leaders among all ceramic printer manufacturers. Read more...

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The Mirtels  ВСС М102 Ceramic Printer offered by us is an exclusive model in our line of printers for making photos on enamel and ceramics with an optimum printer price/product quality ratio.  Photoceramic memorial and headstone portraits made using Mirtels ВСС М102 feature high production rate combined with splendid image quality and long service life (25-50 years) even in most challenging weather conditions without any loss of initial brightness and sharpness of the picture.

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Mirtels ВСС М101 Ceramic Printer features the most compact design, and which often most important from the customers' viewpoint, the most affordable model in the Mirtels product line for production of black-and-white and color pictures of memorial photoceramics.

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