Engraving equipment you can buy at reasonable prices from the Mirtels company is an important part of business dealing in production of plaques, headstones and other memorial products.

Engraving equipment offered by us ensures not only the highest quality of images engraved in stone of different types, but also offers a solution for the above business with minimum cost and effort. In this way, ourstone engraving equipment and ink jet ceramic printers offer lower production costs and labor input, which eventually makes it possible for you to offer your engraving service at a best and competitive price.


Engraving Equipment Benefits


Buying stone laser engraving equipment and other products made by our company you make a good choice. All types of Mirtels engraving equipment are a result of a unique combination of innovative technological advances in the field, long experience of our specialists and quality parts made in EC and Russia.

Engravers we offer in our catalog has the following benefits:

  • it can process stone whatever the complexity of the engraving work  in the automatic mode;
  • it does not require skilled operational staff while ensuring practically zero risk of faults due to the operators workmanship;
  • engraving machines produce desired image on the surface of a number of stone types (gabbro, granite, ceramic granite, etc.) traditionally widely used for making headstones.
  • it ensures safety of the personnel during operation;
  • long service life and reliability of all engravers;
  • ease of installation and adjustment;
  • high engraving  performance (over 500 mm/s);
  • exceptional quality of images produced (with resolution over 300 dpi).

Mirtels of stone laser engraving equipment and ceramic printers are sold with maintenance, repair services consumables and parts supply follow-up, if required.


Stone Engraving Equipment Product Range and Model Line


If you are interested in engraving equipment, please check the broad Mirtels model line and prices by clicking the links below.