Stone engraving and technological equipment manufactured and sold by our Company is in big demand in the monument making business. In turn, this business is a key component in the funeral services business, which stands out for its high profitability and intense competitiveness in spite of its specific nature. Hence, if you are considering the option of opening an engraving shop and running such business, we offer you a completed business plan based on our expertise in dealing with a big number of such enterprises.

Making monuments: three simple steps for your business success

Prior to starting the operation of your shop for making monuments, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Lease a room for the engraving shop. Production premises located on the ground floor and with an area of at least 30 sq. m would be an optimal solution for such a functional workload. The ground floor location will help you cut on time and human resources, and reduce possible risks of damaging raw slabs and finished monuments (very bulky ones) during handling and loading into transportation facilities.
  2. Buy a stone engraving machine. To engrave on stone of a certain variety, you will need special-purpose equipment, i.e. universal and easy to operate and maintain. Besides, the stone engraving machine being purchased should offer high performance features that would determine its productivity and the number of orders executed per work shift without degrading engraving quality.
  3. The last step is buying materials for engraving, i.e. raw slabs for monuments. The most practical solution is concluding contracts with direct suppliers of different stone varieties used for making monuments and tombstones in your area.

Stone engraving machine: reasonable choice

Hence, we have pointed out the demands of a potential buyer to engraving equipment. Now let us review the variants of Mirtels-made stone engraving machines in terms of the above-stated demands to equipment.
We can offer you a laser stone engraving machine (e.g., Mirtels L5060), a stone impact-engraving machine (Mirtels T5060 and other models) or a combined laser-impact stone engraving machine (LT60120). Any of these machines have their advantages and drawbacks.

The advantages of the Mirtels L5060 laser engraving machine:

  1. No consumables needed for operation;
  2. Superior image quality;
  3. Engraving with resolutions to 1,000 dpi; and
  4. Wide machine application area.

Using a laser-impact engraving machine is an optimal solution for engraving monuments. This machine offers the advantages of both technologies (laser and impact ones), allowing working with a wider variety of stones.

How to calculate a finished product cost

Certainly, a most credible indicator of a correct choice of equipment and properly managed business is the cost of a finished product. This indicator is affected by monument manufacturing costs, such as lease payments, purchasing production materials, and sundry expenditures (transportation, delivery, and utility payments).

For instance, using the Mirtels L5060 laser-engraving machine, the price of engraving a typical portrait 30х40 cm will be within USD1.00, plus the monument slab (stele 1,000х500х50 mm, pedestal 600х200х150 mm, and flowerbed 1,000х80х80 mm) and assembly USD200-300, with account of the completed monument starting price of USD1,000. Based on the sale price and monument manufacturing cost ratio, the high profitability of this business is obvious.

What will the payback period of a start-up company be? The greater the number of orders the smaller is the payback period. During the high season, the business start-up costs can be covered in as soon as 2-3 months of operation.