Although modern engraving tools offer customers a number of different technologies for engraving surface of stone, glass and other materials, today their laser processing still remains the fastest growing sector in the engraving industry. And there is a rationale behind the fact. Stone laser engravers, with several reasonably priced models being offered by MIRTELS, provides better picture resolution and quality. In addition, laser engraving machines have better operational efficiency in making images of any degree of complexity, which is quite important when selecting a machine for a business heavily loaded with orders for special memorial stone products.


Laser Stone Engraver: Creating Images


So, how does Mirtels stone laser engraving machinery produces images? How dopes laser engraving technology work?

The laser engraver uses focused laser beam to etch the surface of the stone. The energy of the laser beam is applied to create microscopic superheated areas that under further exposure produce white dots, melt spots or microscopic shears in the stone structure. The depth of etching made by the laser bean during one run makes 0.1 - 0.2 mm. It is the combination of these two artificial defects on the stone surface that produces certain images on headstones.

Using our stone laser engraver you can easily obtain any required picture on the surface of such types of stone as granite, marble, gabbro, polymer granite, basalt and others. Whatever picture you may need - a portrait, a landscape, a frame or a high definition lettering - the laser engraving machinery produced by us will do this job for you to your best satisfaction.

When making this types of jobs, one should remember that practically every customer wants the image on the memorial plate or the headstone to remain clear and vivid for as long as possible. For this purpose some types of stone require additional preparation. Thus, in particular,  for dark stones experts recommend to apply white acrylic paint on gabbro engravings. After being engraved by laser tools, this measure will allow to ensure contrast and sharpness of the obtained image for decades to come able to withstand adverse weather factors of the memorial location.


Mirtels Laser Engraving Tools


Most suitable machines for engraving stone are specialized Mirtles stone laser engraving machines, which come in L5060, L60120 and L90170 models with different working areas.

These stone engraving tools belong to the latest generation of engraving machinery and are distinguished not only for their reliability, ease of operation and quality of finished products, but also for their reasonable prices from their immediate manufacturer.