A proper choice of an engraving machine is critical for the owner of any granite-working shop that makes monuments and tombstones. Depending on how correct this decision will be and how the totality of performance characteristics and equipment capabilities is selected, this will have a direct impact on the productivity and profitability of such a shop.

If you want to make a proper choice of a stone engraving machine for your needs and to meet the demands of the local funeral services market, we strongly encourage you to read the following information attentively.


Choosing an engraving machine: criteria


What are the criteria for choosing a stone engraving machine? What are the advantages and drawbacks of a shock stone engraving machine and a laser stone engraving machine?

The criteria for choosing a stone engraving machine are as follows:

  • Machine working zone, i.e. one needs to expect what stone dimensions will be worked. Machines are available with the following working zones: 30х40 cm, 50х60 cm, and 60х120 cm. The machine can be installed directly on the stone or the machine can be set on feet with the stone being moved under the stone with a carriage.
  • Kind of machine: shock engraving or laser engraving machine. Their differences are significant. A shock-engraving machine engraves an image using the mechanical contact method, with the consumables being the engraving needles. A laser stone machine engraves an image with a laser beam using the contactless method.

An advantage of the shock-engraving machine is its deeper engraving as compared to that provided by laser machines.

The drawbacks of a shock-engraving machine are as follows:

  • Low engraving speed due to shock mechanism operating speed limitations.
  • The need to leave margins on the stone edge, making it impossible to seal a stone with edges.
  • Low service life and high cost of engraving needles. The needle needs to be replaced for every 10-15 portraits.
  • The machine requires frequent servicing to replace worn parts: the needle, the support and sensor posts.

Advantages of the laser machine:

  • Higher engraving speed as compared to that provided by shock engraving machines.
  • Sealing a stone with edges without margins due to the contactless stone engraving method.
  • Option of engraving realistic photographic images on a stone.
  • No mechanical contact when engraving.
  • No need to service a machine during operation.
  • A wider application area: engraving on wood, glass, and leather, and cutting fabrics, plastic and other materials, allowing to use the machine when funeral services are not needed.


Choosing an engraving machine by economic indicators


The cost of engraving with a shock-engraving machine with account of consumables is much higher than that of laser beam stone engraving.

The most popular stone engraving machine size is that which offers a working zone of 50х60 cm because this zone covers the most common dimensions of monuments.

The choice between a shock and laser-engraving machine is the customer's. It is based on speed, quality, and engraving cost requirements. Both machines perform their key task – engraving images on stone.

You can buy both shock engraving and a laser-engraving machines at MIRTELS. Do not hesitate to contact the closest representative office to receive consultations on working with a machine.