Engraving granite as well as gabbro, ceramic granite, dolerite and other kinds of stone for making monuments and tombstones is an activity in great demand. However, mass production requires no manual tools for engraving stone and the skills of an artist and engraver in one person. Even the most talented master hand in artistic engraving is not capable of ensuring a high speed of making a monument and its low production cost because manual labour requires much effort and time.

Therefore, if you are considering the engraving of ceramic granite, gabbro, granite and other kinds of stone as part of a promising and profitable business, you choice must be buying advanced NC equipment.


Equipment and tools for engraving stone


If you need to engrave dolerite, gabbro, granite and other kinds of stone on an industrial scale, you will need the following range of equipment:

  • A Mirtels stone engraving machine of a specific type;
  • A scanner for transferring images to a carrier (optionally);
  • A PC/laptop; and
  • Blanks for monuments and/or tombstones.

In the majority of cases, images are applied to flat, preliminarily polished surfaces. To start engraving, you need a scanned and retouched photo or inscription. If an image is at hand, you can start engraving.


Varieties of machines for engraving granite


Natural stone, viz. granite, all kinds of gabbro (Chinese, Brazilian, Ukrainian, and Karelian), dolerite, basalt and other kinds of stone can be engraved using various equipment.

The MIRTELS Company offers the following types of engraving machines for granite and other less hard kinds of stone:

  • shock-engraving machines;
  • laser stone engraving machines;
  • combined laser-shock machines.

Each type has its advantages and drawbacks.

The most productive and fast machine is the laser-engraving one. Besides, it demonstrates the best engraving quality by using the contactless method – a laser beam.

Laser stone engraving machine Mirtels L60120 Shock-engraving machine Mirtels Т5060


With Mirtels machines, you can achieve superior quality when engraving portraits with halftones. Mirtels engraving machines means high quality and engraving speed (up to 1,000 mm/sec), a huge potential and long-term guarantee.

If you want to build on the advantages of a shock engraving and laser machine, an excellent option is buying a combined laser-shock stone engraving machine, which can use both a laser and shock engraving head. These machines are manufactured in three models: Mirtels LT5060 with a working zone of 500х600 mm, model LT60120 with a working zone of 600х1,200 mm and model LT90170 with a working zone of 900х1,700 mm. When buying a machine, make sure you have clearly defined the engraving technology (laser or shock) and working zone dimensions.